StudioThe thicker the paint, the happier I am! The density of the paint surface is developed by applying layers of oil paint and beeswax which gives my work its textural form.  Areas of the painting are often scraped back and, by using an assortment of small ‘tools’, reveal some of the under painting below. This process results in my pictures having an almost sculptural quality. I have created many images of the West Coast of Scotland over the years but am also drawn to more exotic locations, such as a recent visit to India.

The ‘journey’ started in 2002 at Leith School of Art, studying with Paul Martin. I  now paint from a studio in Edinburgh and have show my work widely in mixed exhibitions around Scotland and have had three solo shows. I have also exhibited at the Royal Glasgow Institute (RGI).

 Jane has an eye for capturing the unexpected view and brings it to life with her superb mastery of colour and control of tonal ranges. We are delighted to support and exhibit work by this talented artist. ~ Denise Collins MA, Director, Castle Gallery, Inverness